Bleed purple

Yahoo! as we know it died when Verizon acquired it for US$4.5B, ending an era and the internet pioneer’s existence…

Vern and Verniece

The one where my daughter Sam and I bumped into blogger sisters Vern and Verniece Enciso. I got to work…

Hello again, Flickr

Who’s still using Flickr? 😄 Got nostalgic and checked out the app again after a long time haha! Yahoo-oo-oo!

Scandinavian dream home

One furniture store that we like to keep visiting is Home Folk Living. I love that they feature a lot…

Kisspirin and yakapsul

Kisspirin and yakapsul (that’s how you usually spell the Filipino slang word). Healing sick and lovesick Filipinos since, I dunno,…

Fandom Feels forever

I love Fandom Feels PH stickers. Got these two sticker packs yesterday at Hey Kessy at U.P. Town Center.

Japanese Kit Kat attack

Japanese Kit Kat flavors galore at this Japanese specialty shop called Subarashii at Ayala Malls The 30th.

TGIF, Mr. Buckwheat

Mr. Buckwheat looks kind of glum, but he’s actually happy that the weekend is almost here. TGIF!