remembering the epistolas

Philosopher, professor and fictionist SV Epistola has passed away, joining his wife Nieves (Mrs. E), who died in 2002.

Both were my teachers. I took Semiotics under SV when I was still a Philo major, and, years later, after I had shifted to Comparative Lit, feminist literary theory (I don’t remember the exact CL course title — Pauline and Paolo were my classmates there so maybe they remember) under Mrs. E.

Yup, I got some flak for being a male feminist — I actually wrote a piece about that for the very first publication I joined — but I learned a lot from her class and Mrs. E gave me a 1.0, so I guess I did something right. Don’t ask me what grade SV gave me, hehe.

SV was a funny professor. He always had an interesting anecdote to share and at times you could even say he was rambling in class, talking about the crazy things he and his friends did or fond remembrances of his or his barkada’s dates. But just when you thought he was going to keep on reminiscing, he would suddenly intone in his deep voice, “Semiotics. Now Charles Sanders Peirce…”

SV also loved talking about Umberto Eco, and it always tickled him to remind us that when someone asked Eco to explain semiotics, he did it by writing a novel. SV was the one who made me a fan of Eco, not just his novels and essays but also his philosophical works, which I tried to finish at the UP Main Library.

He was also always talking about Mrs. E, always proudly telling us what a remarkable woman she was, forming in my mind a very clear picture of how wonderful she was years before I was to verify this for myself. He also divulged that he happily did his share of the housework, quipping that he made a deal that he would cook but that he would never wash the dishes. A true philosopher, he explained that this is because cooking is creative while washing dishes is a mindless activity.

SV was a philosopher, but above all he was a real person.

He and Mrs. E will sorely be missed.

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not vin diesel

Comic Quest proprietor Vin Simbulan was featured in today’s 2bU!

I met Vin in college thanks to Dean Alfar, Raffy Lirag and the other members of their barkada. Of course, I don’t suppose Vin was too pleased that even though I started buying some comic books from Comic Quest after that, I still continued patronizing Filbar’s, hehe.

Vin and Dean are co-editors of the National Book Award prizewinning grafiction anthology “Siglo: Freedom.”

more addicts

Thanks to the overwhelming support of cute and cool bloggers like you, YOU Blog Addict will now come out twice a week.

We’re featuring a new Blog Addict every Tuesday and Friday, starting today with our featured blogger, Dino Mejia.

That way, I can cut short the waiting time for all the bloggers whose stories are already in the Blog Bank I created, waiting for the day they’ll come out in YOU Blog Addict.

To all those who’ve already e-mailed their answers, please just be patient a little longer. And to those who would like to be featured, please read this Tuesday’s Blog Addict feature to find out how you can join the fun.

pc pool shark

In this week’s YOU GameTime, we talked to the guy who developed the Bilyar PC game. Meet Ronald Allan C. Asis in this week’s GT interview and find out how you could be our next featured gamer or game developer.

We’d particularly love to hear from female gamers and game developers — prove that it’s not only guys who got game, hehe.

they must be nuts

In case you were wondering what happened to the old URL of Dean Alfar’s Notes from the Peanut Gallery, here’s his account:

“Okay, by now you know that Notes from the Peanut Gallery is located at (Indulge my need to placate the spiders here – Dean Francis Alfar, Notes from the Peanut Gallery)). What happened? Apparently, I got too much traffic.Believe it or not.”

So there.

Hey Dean, here’s some more traffic, hehe.