more addicts

Thanks to the overwhelming support of cute and cool bloggers like you, YOU Blog Addict will now come out twice a week.

We’re featuring a new Blog Addict every Tuesday and Friday, starting today with our featured blogger, Dino Mejia.

That way, I can cut short the waiting time for all the bloggers whose stories are already in the Blog Bank I created, waiting for the day they’ll come out in YOU Blog Addict.

To all those who’ve already e-mailed their answers, please just be patient a little longer. And to those who would like to be featured, please read this Tuesday’s Blog Addict feature to find out how you can join the fun.

2 thoughts on “more addicts

  1. blog addict? hehe, nah. perhaps, a newbie blogger. i should blame you for it, joey, coz you never cease to inspire your readers. i have rejoined the blogging world recently because of your, ummm, unbeknowst to you, delicious invite to blog. well, i’ve started one post but coz of busyness, i’ve relegated my daily musings on my handy stenobook.

    in fact, it was pdi’s hiyas that introduced me to the chatting world and countless friends (and debating foes) on the net. it was also’s “discussion/feedback” that swayed me to put my two cents in ink (or keyboard, computer-speak, that is). hey, whatever happened to the
    “feedback”? jv rufino might remember my username, or not anymore coz it’s been a while ago now and countless postings he had to deal with back then?

    andre faura

  2. thanks andre, what can i say? i’m glad i’ve somehow inspired you and others, though honestly i’ve never thought that what i do could have that kind of effect. and this isn’t false modesty ‘coz actually mayabang ako, hahaha 🙂

    and i don’t want to spoil the surprise but we’re coming up with something at that’s going to allow readers to more easily interact and share their opinions. it’s not the old discussions board but… well, just keep visiting hehe 🙂

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