blogging the rp tech scene

Blogging isn’t just fun and games, you know.

Find out why blogging is also a powerful tool for discussing technology and the latest IT developments in the Philippines by reading my Infotech article.

Then go visit the site that Migs Paraz built to find out the latest in the Pinoy Tech Scene.

2 thoughts on “blogging the rp tech scene

  1. I’ve always believed that themed blogging is one of the better ways to gain a decent audience (aside from having a big barkada of bloggers). However, as much as I wanted to limit my blog to only a certain theme, I felt that I might become too restrictive to the extent that I am no longer able to express my thoughts on matters outside of whatever theme I’d like my blog to represent. Oh yeah, I thought of maintaining more than one weblog, but I guess I’m just either too busy or too tamad to maintain more than one. Heheh! =)


  2. hey there angelo, thanks! me too, i initially thought of doing a themed blog but, well, i like and write about different stuff, so no go 🙂

    i’ve thought of starting another blog, but heck, maintaining one (apart from, uh, my job? hehe) is already enough work for me.

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