comeback kid?

After not writing for nine days, I’m now faced with the daunting task of having to write almost 30, 000 words between today and midnight of Nov. 30.

Earlier today, I posted Chapter 5 of The Maharlika Legacy, which I wrote this morning, churning out 5, 184 words to give me a running total of 27, 920. Which means I still have to write 22, 080 words in less than three days.


Well, what can I say — I had a lot of things I had to do, but I also did a lot of other things I chose to do, like playing this little game called Half-Life 2 (of course, part ofmy job is reviewing games like HL2, but still… this was definitely more pleasure than business). Ah well, no use crying over spilled milk, and I’m still determined to make my endgame run, so yeah, I’m still out to beat the NaNoWriMo deadline. We’ll see.

Here’s an excerpt from Chapter 5:

The Maharlika Legacy

By Arianna Martinez

More than 22 years after the first People Power revolution overthrew him and 19 years after he died a lonely exile in Honolulu, former Philippine president Ferdinand Edralin Marcos continues to shape the politics and history of the country he ruled for over two decades.

To many Filipinos and according to the history books, Marcos was the dictator responsible for the arrest, torture and death of countless political dissidents, and the criminal who ruined the Philippine economy — some say irreparably — through the systematic plunder conducted by the conjugal dictatorship and their cronies. The Marcos wealth has become the stuff of legend, with billions of dollars allegedly stashed in Swiss bank accounts. The search for the Marcos wealth continues, becoming as epic a quest as the saga of the Yamashita gold that at one time was upposedly the source of his riches. That, and his financial genius, or so his widow continues to claim.

Read The Maharlika Legacy.

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