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The Epitome column of ITJourno Asia again highlighted my stories and those of my fellow members of the INQ7 editorial team, Leo Magno, Erwin Oliva and Alex Villafania.

And yup, just as we say at, gaming is serious business.

RP boys and gals push the beat

Some great reports out of the Philippines today.

IT Matters’ Maricel Estavillo had one RP BPO player “close to buying a medical transcription (MT) company in India”, while at INQ7, Joey Alarilla had some gaming goss, following an announcement that Korea’s Webzen Inc. will enter the US market this year. Erwin Oliva then had the National Bureau of Investigations confiscating “about five million pesos worth of computer hardware from at least five computer shops”.

Joey Alarilla did a nice job highlighting why the “gold rush by Philippine companies to bring in foreign-made MMOGs” is endangering the nation’s software industry.

“It’s healthy competition to have so many publishers of MMOGs here. The sad fact, however, is that instead of supporting potential game developers here, the game publishers buy the MMOGs from abroad, and they can only do so much in customizing the game,” Alarilla had an RP gaming association head saying. Various gaming industry members were quoted as saying that the nation’s publishers and players and general gaming proponents must support local developers and entrepreneurs.

Finally, Alexander Villafania had a kinda disturbing piece on how the Senate President believes the country can get around the controversial “national ID system.”


Stories of the Day

MRT, LRT told to study possibility of 24-hour operations for call centres
By Jeffrey O. Valisno and Ana Barbara Lorenz, IT Matters
SPI to acquire Indian transcription firm
By Maricel Estvillo, IT Matters
Look beyond MMOGs, RP game publishers urged
By Joey Alarilla, INQ7

Lead of the day

“Micromanagers, multi-taskers, control freaks and obsessive-compulsive gamers unite! This devilishly cute and devilishly addictive game from Nintendo will keep you up till you get every last treasure and raise 10,000 pokos.”
From “He Got Game : Micromanage your way through Pikmin2” by Leo Magno, INQ7

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