sims of the father

Life wasn’t always easy for the Constantinis of Pleasantview, but now you could say they are one of the neighborhood’s relatively well-to-do families. They recently moved to a new home — a four-bedroom, two-storey house and lot worth over 60, 000 simoleons (the currency of the Sims universe), something that was beyond the wildest dreams of their ancestors.

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khan be-sieged

EVER complained that the Micko just doesn’t provide enough healing power when your party is facing high-level monsters, which is why you and your teammates keep dying in the Netgames MMOG Khan: The Absolute Power?

Well, pretty soon you’ll have the healing spells you need (and one less excuse for losing) when Netgames officially launches in May the first major Khan update, Siege Wars, which will introduce the new Cleric character class.

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