sims of the father

Life wasn’t always easy for the Constantinis of Pleasantview, but now you could say they are one of the neighborhood’s relatively well-to-do families. They recently moved to a new home — a four-bedroom, two-storey house and lot worth over 60, 000 simoleons (the currency of the Sims universe), something that was beyond the wildest dreams of their ancestors.

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sims of the father

2 thoughts on “sims of the father

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Joey! I’m searching your archives for a Beyond Good and Evil post… heheh…

    also, have you heard of the game In Memoriam? I’ve played the French version, am not sure if there’s an English version at all. It’s really one original concept! Hope everything’s fine with you and kisses to Sam!


    PS. I’m coming home in June… let’s meet up with Mare and the rest of the INQ7 peeps! (although Mare is no longer one of those peeps… sob)

  2. hi kala! wow, can’t wait till june hehe 🙂

    nah, i haven’t played beyond good and evil. i would love to play in memoriam, w/c was released in north america as missing: since january. haven’t been able to buy a copy yet though

    take care!

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