the new msn

I was in Singapore on Sept. 27 to cover the media briefing held at The Regent Singapore that unveiled the new MSN homepage and strategy.

Here’s an excerpt from my INQ7 Infotech article:

WITH last week’s announcement of the restructuring of Microsoft Corp. into three divisions, the MSN portal has gained greater visibility as the Redmond, WA-based giant pledges to further embrace the Internet and deliver on the promise of software-as-services.

“First, clearly there are areas today where it would be better for customers to have better integration between MSN and Windows. The second thing is that the rest of the company really wants to get the benefit of the knowledge that has accrued to MSN in the last years, such as a greater understanding of the advertising-centered business model,” Michael Rawding, corporate vice president of MSN Global Sales and Marketing of Microsoft Corp., told in a one-on-one interview after the media briefing on the new MSN homepage and services held in Singapore on Sept. 27.

Rawding was responding to the impact of the Microsoft reorganization on the role that MSN will play in the company’s strategy. On Sept. 20, Microsoft announced that it would restructure the company into three divisions, each headed by its own president, who will directly report to Microsoft chief executive officer Steve Ballmer. The software giant also announced that longtime Windows architect Jim Allchin, who as a member of the Senior Leadership Team is responsible for setting the direction for Microsoft with Ballmer and chief software architect Bill Gates, will retire after the scheduled launch of Windows Vista (formerly codenamed Longhorn), the successor to the Windows XP operating system, toward the end of next year.

Read my INQ7 Infotech article.

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