hey sammy! — the youtube version

I’m really impressed with the YouTube free video hosting service and have decided to upload my Hey Sammy! music video there, apart from having it hosted on vidiLife.

As I noted in a previous post, I created this using Windows Movie Maker. Please just forgive the poor video quality since these were video clips my wife Ellen and I took using our mobile phones and my Pocket PC, so I had to convert the files from 3GP/MP4 to import them to Windows Movie Maker.

Check out Hey Sammy!

vlog on

If you’re looking for free video blog hosting services, check out eRadioPortal.com.

They’re looking for video blog submissions. Here’s the announcement posted on their site:

Share your experiences thru video blogging or simply share your video clips on the internet. If we like your submission, we will host it for FREE.

Your video submission must have the following specifications: 320×240 resolution, 15 frames per second, Windows media format mpeg4 or AVI. We encourage posters to keep it under 15 minutes. Send your posts to videoblogger.upload@gmail.com and attach a short narrative of what you want viewers to read when they view your videos. For comments or suggestions please post at KURO.

They’ve only posted a few videos so far but here’s one that I found cute.

google opens video store

You know how Google has been accepting video clips from users for the past few months for its Google Video service?

Well, just as they announced at the 2006 International Consumer Electronics Show, Google is going into video-on-demand in a big way. And now it’s official — they’ve announced the opening of the video store at the official Google Video Blog.

This means that apart from the free content uploaded by users, you can now buy high-quality video content from content providers such as CBS, which is making episodes of its shows such as C.S.I. and Survivor: Guatemala available for purchase online.

Not only that, but Google has also launched the Google Video Player. Unfortunately, they haven’t done a good job of making it easy for users to find the link to the player on their site. Some of the videos on the site can be downloaded — either for free or for a fee. You will see a Download button if the video is available for download. One of the most popular videos available for free download is Hurricane Katrina from Hurricane Katrina
Benny Chappetta, which you can download for your PC or Mac, video iPod or Sony PlayStation Portable.

It’s still too early to tell how this service will fare, but my first impression is that they rushed the launch of this online store, because some of the categories on the drop-down menu for videos available for purchase result in error messages.

The music videos that are available so far seem to follow the pricing model popularized by iTunes, which is 1.99 dollars per video. You can also buy videos of NBA games for 3.95 dollars a pop. Hmm, do you think the PBA is taking notes?

Also, I know that the strength of Google lies in giving us the ability to search for items, but right now the Google Video homepage just appears too chaotic, with different items being highlighted each time you refresh the page. Maybe they could learn a thing or two in terms of presentation from sites such as iFilm, now that they’re venturing into this new territory. I know, Google doesn’t want to be Yahoo!, but they have to consider the look and feel of the site now that they’re dealing with multimedia.

After all, as they become more mainstream and cater to consumer tastes, it won’t be enough for Google to organize the world’s content, but also to present it properly.