a meeting of minds

Check out my INQ7 Infotech column piece.

Here's an excerpt:

During the MindShare session, I talked about how big gaming has become in the Philippines. Still think gaming is a fad? Hmm, let’s see: research firm International Data Corp. Philippines says the Philippine online gaming industry generated an estimated $13.4 million in 2005. As of 2005, the country has four million online gamers, and this is estimated to reach 6.9 million by 2009, making the Philippines the biggest Southeast Asian market for online games, according to the IDC report. Oh, and a certain company named ePLDT recently acquired 60 percent of leading Philippine online game publisher Level Up!

And you know what? Gaming, online and offline, is going to get even bigger in the Philippines. It’s going to become even more mainstream, becoming part of the lives of many Filipinos, just as the Internet had a tremendous impact on the way we work and play. 

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One thought on “a meeting of minds

  1. you’re right. i was in the Mountain Province recently, in a famously isolated and far distant destination, walking along a rustic lane near its “town center”, and turning into what used to be a store that sold tea and oranges, to find a bunch of Kankana-ey Igorot kids, gleefully and intently playing CounterStrike on some old pentiums some enterprising local had set up. Nearby, rice terraces were being taken over by giant earthworms, who don’t know why the bipeds don’t come anymore to plant the rice seedlings.

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