from nintendo revolution to… wii?

OK, as I said in the hackenslash GameBlog post, my first reaction to the new official name of the next-gen Nintendo console was: "Nintendo Wii? WTF?"

But think about it: it's simple, easy to remember, and sounds odd enough to be very Nintendo. Oh, those kooky Nintendo people. The brainwashing is starting to take effect. I want Wii! You want Wii! We want Wii! I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together. Damn you, Nintendo!

Seriously, however, it's a name that sounds strange, but which I think will appeal to a lot of people, particularly casual gamers and even non-gamers, which is part of the whole Nintendo strategy for what it's calling the Touch Generation.

It's all about getting families to play games together, and the oddball name goes well with the unique controllers — in fact "ii" represents not only the controllers but also people.

So yeah, it's kind of a corny name, but it has the potential to be iconic. Didn't iPod sound strange once upon a time, and heck, didn't the Nintendo DS sell like hotcakes in spite of the generic name? Besides, the names NES (which to me of course is the Famicom), Super NES, Nintendo 64 and GameCube weren't exactly sexy names either, but for Nintendo fans it's not about flashy names or graphics, but actual gameplay.

Here's an excerpt from my hackenslash GameBlog post:

NOPE, it's no joke. If it were, it would be an elaborate one, indeed, and the Nintendo officials would be pulling off a late April Fool's Day gag.

The next-generation Nintendo console, which had been code-named Revolution, now has an official name which officials claim would be used worldwide, but will probably cause many people to raise an eyebrow at the strange name: Wii.

Read the full story. interview

Tan Lili of Singapore-based interviewed me about the e-business book I'm writing and the other projects I'm handling right now.

The article came out today, and since is a password-protected trade site for Asian tech journalists, IT companies and PR firms, I'm republishing Lili's story here.

Media News
A blog, a book, and three revamps
By Tan Lili
26/04/2006 01:36:38 PM

Editor Joey Alarilla proved to be a great multi-tasker as he jumped on the book-writing bandwagon, helmed the revamp of three sections on INQ7, and will soon have his own tech blog on Singapore-based CNET Asia.

Alarilla, co-editor of Hackenslash and Infotech columnist at INQ7, will start his tech blog on CNET Asia in May and will blog about tech trends and digital lifestyle in the Philippines.

According to Juniper Foo, managing editor of CNET Asia, the addition of regional bloggers would be “part of (CNET's) site development”.

“We had a CNET Asia Marketing Forum last year in July. We told the marketing and PR that we were looking at blogging as part of our site development,” said Foo. “We put out a call for bloggers and certain bloggers responded… We picked Joey because he is really enthusiastic and gung-ho to provide the IT window to the Philippines, so it is great to have him on board.”

Meanwhile, Alarilla's debut 100-page book, “E-Business Made Easy”, will be launched in late May, targeted at SMEs/SMBs in the Philippines that are considering taking the e-business route.

“It's been pretty intense but a great learning experience,” said Alarilla.

“You need to have a clear structure in mind before you even begin to write. I came up with a structure where the book will not be a regular 'how-to' kind of book. I'm trying to get readers to get to know the people who set up the companies and the challenges they had overcome.” Alarilla said the high concentration of SMEs in the country motivated him to start “E-Business Made Easy”, but highlighted the need for a “balancing act” for readers.

“SMEs make up the biggest sector in the industry – 96 per cent of the companies in the Philippines fall under SMEs,” said Alarilla.

“At the same time, there must be a balancing act. I want to show readers the benefits of going online, to transform their companies to e-business… but then, I also want them to avoid the hype… I had to draw a fine line between sharing the benefits of technology, and keeping them grounded in reality.”

For Alarilla, a good time management was essential when writing a book. “The challenge really is to manage your time. And when you're writing a book, it's different from writing a news story because you have to go in depth. You have to keep in mind the overall structure – knowing where you go before you write and flashing out each chapter first to support what you have written in the previous chapter.

“Also, all these while I have written for the laymen. Here, I had to be even more basic. These are really the ordinary people who need technology the most, but ironically, they know the least.”

In another task altogether, Alarilla is involved in INQ7's online “migration” project where he will take charge of the revamp of three sections – gaming site Hackenslash, youth site YOU and travel site Roadtrip.

According to Alarilla, the preview of the revamped YOU is “already out for public consumption”.

Alarilla could not reveal much about Hackenslash, except that the new gaming site will “be a lot more attractive, and will have a lot of new sections”.

“It is not only going to be about reading stuff… readers want to see the game. There is going to be interactivity,” he hinted.

Alarilla can be contacted at

 Thanks Lili! I really appreciate it. Hope to see you again soon.

hackenslash music video

Just for kicks, I made this music video using Windows Movie Maker. Edited some video footage of a pictorial we did for hackenslash — you'll find out more about that soon.

It's really easy to make homemade videos using Windows Movie Maker. You'll see my INQ7 colleagues Claire Chan, Joan Ong, Erwin Oliva and Alex Villafania in this video, which Ronald Repolona of our tech department took while we were doing the pictorial. Special thanks to the staff of Elorde Powered Punchout Boxing Club over at 5/F Mareic Building, Tordesillas Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City for letting us use their facilities.

This isn't anything official, OK, I just made this video myself so please bear with it, heh. Claire, Joan, Erwin, Alex — don't kill me for posting this. The music I used is "The Boxer" from Carbon Leaf — you can download it for free from Excellent band.

listen to accuradio

Check out AccuRadio, a cool site that allows you to listen to different Internet radio stations and customize these channels. For free!

Brian Vicencio, who was once part of our tech team, is one-half of the two-man team that came up with the AccuRadio site.

AccuRadio is one of the five finalists in the 10th Annual Webby Awards for Best Radio. Vote for AccuRadio at the Webby Awards: People's Voice page.

Make yourself heard!

planet zips

Head on over to Planet ZIPS and discover the wonderful world of zipping. Then, get your own zips yourself.

Cat and her friends are the people behind this cool company. Here are a few pics to give you a better idea of what zipping is all about — just don't try fire zipping right away. As the site FAQ makes clear, fire spinning or fire zipping is not for everyone. Zips are a safer alternative and will teach you the skills you need if ever you decide to try fire spinning in the future. Check out for the list of places where you can buy zips and take zipping lessons.

For more pics, visit the Planet ZIPS Multiply site.

You'll be seeing more of Planet ZIPS soon…

wwe over the years

(This video is no longer available on the list of the YouTube member.

Here's the YouTube message:

This video has been removed due to copyright infringement.)

Here's an awesome video from another YouTube member for all wrestling fans. It's the "Life & Times of the WWE."

Must-see, I'm telling you, if you love the WWE.

good times: stone cold vs the rock

(This video is no longer available on the list of the YouTube member.

Here's the message from YouTube:

This video has been removed by the user.)

I love the WWE or World Wrestling Entertainment.

Hell, I've loved it since the days when it was still called the WWF (and no, that didn't stand for World Wildlife Fund but for World Wrestling Federation — it was the court battle between them that actually led to the name change).

Sometimes I still enjoy watching the WWE, but to me the best years will always be the 90s Attitude Era, and the greatest rivalry in wrestling history is Stone Cold Steve Austin versus The Rock. And yup, my favorite wrestler will always be Stone Cold. Hell yeah. And that's the bottom line, 'cause Stone Cold said so.

Good times.

Check out this cool video tribute to the Stone Cold-Rock rivalry, courtesy of a YouTube member.

Call me a fanboy, but for the record The Rock was once 0-2 against Stone Cold in WrestleMania, losing the championship twice in the main event to the Texas Rattlesnake, before finally winning against Stone Cold in WrestleMania 19. Just in case the video makes you think The Rock was the overall winner in that feud, haha.

Then again, The Rock is now a big Hollywood star and fortunately never suffered the career-ending injuries of Stone Cold and other great wrestlers like Bret "The Hitman" Hart. Actually, I think The Rock is cool, but Stone Cold is cooler.

I once thought Batista (who's Filipino-Greek — his real name is Dave Bautista) was cool, but you know, he's kind of one-dimensional. Kurt Angle is the wrestler I love to hate, because he's really entertaining when he's a villain and ever since he shaved his head, but man, the guy's awesome — well, he didn't win Olympic gold medals for his acting prowess, right? Chris Benoit is another great wrestler.

The late Eddie Guerrero was cool. So is Randy "The Macho Man" Savage and another great entertainer, Chris Jericho. Taka Michinoku is also cool. Tajiri too. But Japanese wrestlers almost never get proper respect in the WWE. They might start out fine (Taka was the first light heavyweight champion), but eventually they're treated as jokes.

But I guess Carlito would say only Carlito is cool, heh. Hell, Carlito should have gotten that slot in WrestleMania, not Ric effing Flair.