my first book: e-business made easy

(Update: You can now buy a copy of “E-Business Made Easy” online via by clicking here.

The book is selling for 225 pesos or approximately US$4.37.  

Thanks for your support!) 

Yup, I’m still alive, but this has been a hectic week punctuated by a really bad typhoon. I’m sad to hear of the devastation that Milenyo wreaked. I was in Singapore from Tuesday to Thursday, so missed the brunt of the storm apart from having our flight delayed.

Last Monday, the Philippine Internet Commerce Society launched my first book, “E-Business Made Easy: The Philippine Internet Commerce Society’s Official Internet Roadmap for Small and Medium Enterprises.”

Here’s an excerpt from my INQ7 Infotech @Play column piece:

One of the things I have to stress is that this book is not just about technology, but how people use IT to achieve their goals and overcome obstacles to success. When I was approached to write this book by Inquirer Publications Inc., I said from the start that I didn’t want to just talk about why the proverbial tindahan ni Aling Nena needs to embrace e-commerce.

I wanted the readers to get to know the people behind these businesses, to learn of their struggles and how they were able to overcome these challenges.

In other words, I wanted people to care about Aling Nena, and what happens to her tindahan.

Thanks to Erwin Oliva for writing about the launch, and for all the years of friendship and support.  

Mike Abundo also blogged about the book launch, and posted an image of my “autograph,” haha, because he asked me to sign his copy, which it turns out he’s had for about a month. Here’s the image he posted, which I got from his blog — that’s also where I got the image of the book’s cover. 

I know, I know, my handwriting sucks, heh.

After the book launch which was held Monday night, I flew to Singapore for a regional online gaming conference that showcased two of the most highly anticipated MMOGs that will be released in the next few months, Granado Espada and Hellgate: London. More on this event in another post.

“E-Business Made Easy” will be sold on and I understand PICS will also distribute it to National Book Store and Fully Booked branches in October. Please just e-mail for more information on where to get a copy of the book, which is being sold for 225 pesos.

Having a book is a dream come true for me, and it feels great. I also dream of meeting Nicole Kidman one day, so who knows, heh.

Thanks to everyone who made this project possible, especially Maan Tolentino, president of PICS; Edna Belleza, formerly of Inquirer Publications, who is now with GMA Network; and Winthrop Yu, the book’s editor.

Above all, thanks to my wife Ellen and daughter Sam, to whom this book is dedicated. 

my first book: e-business made easy

5 thoughts on “my first book: e-business made easy

  1. Wow! palanca winner and book author! let it be known! I KNOW JOEY ALARILLA!!! WE TOOK SMOKE BREAKS TOGETHER!
    sorry, im just super proud. Congratulations, Joey!

  2. "Kill-ai" says:

    Just saw the article about your new book. Congratulations! I’m proud of you! Geez! we have a lot to talk about your book, though I’ve yet to get hold of one. Can’t wait to chat with you.

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