youtube to share wealth, intro ads

OK, the good news is that YouTube has announced that it will “reward creativity” by sharing ad revenue with users who create their own videos — original stuff that they own the copyright to, as opposed to uploading clips from TV shows and movies.

The bad news, however, is that they will now introduce short advertisements before the actual clip you clicked on plays. This is something other video sites have been doing for a long time, but it’s new territory for YouTube. In fact, one of the things that made it popular is that, apart from the ease of use, YouTube didn’t have these adverts.

Still, it should be expected, because after all that moolah Google plunked down to acquire YouTube, you can bet that the video site now has to start earning money instead of just being popular. It’s one thing to have 70 million users a month; it’s another to make money out of that user base and traffic.

It will also be interesting to see if we will now see more original moviemakers on YouTube, and, if so, whether people will keep watching videos if you have fewer copyright-infringing material on the site. ‘Coz let’s not be hyprocritical — one of the main reasons YouTube became hugely popular is because we could watch TV shows for free. Many people have yet to tap the full potential of YouTube by actually creating original content.

Anyway, let’s see if we can take our patronage of online video sites to the next level instead of just watching clips, or else YouTube will become just another incarnation of the boob tube.

And I hope Filipino YouTube original moviemakers like Happy Slip will soon get a lot of money because of this announcement, heh.

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