even bush loves the eraserheads, heh

Made that Gizmoz talking head of Bush saying how much he loves the Eraserheads, heh. And since WordPress.com doesn’t allow you to embed the Gizmoz code (among other things, sigh), I uploaded the video to YouTube. I used my personal YouTube account, not the hackenslash TV channel for the videos we create for INQUIRER.net, so don’t be surprised to see videos of my daughter Sam, heh.

Gizmoz is pretty cool, huh? Used the text-to-speech option — you could also record your own voice. You can also download the Gizmoz client for your IM or Skype and use the talking heads as your avatars.

The Eraserheads is still the best Filipino band for me. If you’re an Eheads fan, check out the group page I just set up at groovenet.ph/eraserheads

GrooveNet is like Friendster or MySpace but proudly Philippine-made, plus it has a 3D virtual world — the localized version of There.

Wanna add the er, Bush Eheads talking head to your GrooveNet or other social networking site profile, blog or other webpage? Please go to http://www.gizmoz.com/video/412546_bush_and_eraserheads and get the embed code. But as mentioned, some blog hosts don’t allow you to embed the code.

Mabuhay ang Eheads! Halika, tikman ang langit.

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2 thoughts on “even bush loves the eraserheads, heh

  1. E-heads’ the best! Didn’t know you share the passion but I believe you’re more passionate with The Filipino Band! Sama ako sa dyan–sa book, anthologies atbp! Mabuhay ang Eheads!

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