scoble a comment spammer?

Whew, not a pretty sight!

It’s Robert Scoble squaring off against big gadget sites like Engadget and Gizmodo whom he says don’t link to blogs (though in updates he says he went overboard).

And Engadget’s Peter Rojas telling Scoble in a comment posted on Scoble’s own blog:

I get it now. Basically you spammed the comments of a bunch of blogs and you’re upset that some sites either deleted what you did or didn’t incorporate your link into a post. Really weak.

Check out Scoble’s post if you can stand the war of words. Actually, important issues have been raised here, but it’s also being marred by almost schoolchildren-type level bickering.

As some blog networks now become more mainstream (heck, some of the people who commented accused Engadget of already acting like the elitist MSM — ouch, hehe), and as more people blog and bloggers kinda have to compete for the same audience, are they now less inclined to link to blogs outside their networks? Will they link to competitors? Are we seeing cliques now as well for bloggers, where people just tend to link to their circle of friends?

(Got wind of the Scoble post via Duncan Riley’s blog entry “No blog is an island unto itself.”)

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