Celebrating your birthday on live video

What a great day! Thanks to everyone for your greetings. Will blog more about this day and post pics, but for now just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you. Special thanks to my wife Ellen and daughter Sam.

I’ll leave you with this excerpt from my CNET Asia blog post.

And since today also happens to be Day 3 of our company’s very first Christmas online show, LIVE! The Show: Merry LU! Christmas!, I’ll be celebrating this day not just with my wife Ellen and daughter Sam, and with my friends and colleagues, but also the members of the big LU! online community who will be tuning in to the live video stream and reading the live blog.

If you have time, do tune in and join in the fun, while also getting some insight into the big online gaming community in the Philippines. The video stream and live blog will start at around 10 am everyday until Friday, Dec. 19.

Frankly, I believe this kind of virtual celebration will be the norm for many of us in the near future, since our loved ones may be in other countries and a growing number of our friends may be people we’ve never even met in real life. Welcome to birthday celebrations in the digital age.

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