Death of EGM and what happened to EGM Philippines

I’m still saddened by the death of Electronic Gaming Monthly, but I’m coming to terms with it. Ironically, a few years back, I was involved with plans to bring EGM to the Philippines. 

Here’s an excerpt from my CNET Asia blog post.

It was my online platforms manager Kevin Codamon who broke the bad news to me yesterday when I walked into our office, and it was definitely staggering to those like us who were weaned on the magazine. I read Kevin’s blog post to know more about how Ziff Davis sold its 1UP online network of gaming sites, which include the online version of EGM, to their competitor, Hearst-owned UGO Entertainment.

What’s more shocking is that Ziff Davis has decided to discontinue EGM, meaning this January issue is the iconic print magazine’s last. The irony is that the magazine is just one month away from its 20th anniversary, but no one knows yet what will happen to the unpublished February 2009 20th anniversary issue.

I didn’t want to blog about it here yesterday till I’d digested everything, but many of us were Plurking, twittering, and basically lamenting the death of EGM all throughout the day. In retrospect, it’s not so shocking given how many high-profile magazines have been dying lately–in fact, Mike Abundo, who blogged about the demise of EGM yesterday, firmly believes that magazines are doomed and has been saying that for some time. Print publications have been suffering for years now, and with the global economic slowdown, we have to face the reality that they’ll confront even more challenges.

It’s really an emotional reaction to the death of EGM because it’s been synonymous with video games for generations of gamers. The reality is that many younger gamers may not even be that familiar with EGM or that attached to it, in the same manner that, say, Sesame Street may still be around but is no longer a must-watch show for today’s kids as it was for those of us who grew up on it. (Did I just compare EGM to Sesame Street? I’ll burn in video game hell for this!)

Read the blog entry for the story behind EGM Philippines.

How about you, do you still read print magazines?

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