Day 1 of LIVE! The Show: My LU! Valentine

Just finished Day 1 of our very first Valentine online show, LIVE! The Show: My LU! Valentine, which we’re holding from Feb. 11-13. Ang saya!

Our guests on Day 1 were GMs Atma and Winter of Flyff, GM Anael of Ragnarok Online, GM MeiShen of Perfect World (with GM Atma of Flyff and GM HatTrick of Freestyle joining her), and GMs Cydie and Vessago of RF Online (with GM Misty of Freestyle making a guest appearance).

Players had fun seeing the GMs on live video while chatting with them via the live blog, and apart from enjoying the show, they had the chance to win prizes provided by our sponsors. Today we gave away an Intel digital media player, in-game items from Flyff and Ragnarok, and an Epraizer MP3 player. Congratulations to all the winners!

Thanks again to everyone who watched the online show and joined our live blog. We really appreciate your support. Tune in again tomorrow at 10 am as we kick things off with the live video chat with GMs Misty and HatTrick of Freestyle, who will talk about Freestyle 2. At 11 am, GMs DriftKing of Crazy Kart will talk about the Grand Prix Tour. GM Atma and GM HatTrick will host the Dr. Love-Atma segment at 4 pm, followed by GM MeiShen in PW Lovapalooza at 5 pm.

Have fun watching LIVE! The Show: My LU! Valentine!

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