Day 2 of LIVE! The Show: My LU! Valentine

Thanks again to everyone who watched Day 2 of our very first Valentine online show, LIVE! The Show: My LU! Valentine.

Joining us today were GMs Misty and HatTrick of Freestyle, GMs DriftKing and SlingShot of Crazy Kart, and GM Atma of Flyff with GM HatTrick in the Ask Dr. Love-Atma segment, with special guest appearances by GM Winter of Flyff and GM Misty.

Joining us tomorrow at 10 am will be GM Anael, who will talk about the Top 10 Romantic Places in Ragnarok. At 11 am, GMs Mac and Cassiel of Grand Chase will talk about the new Dragon Knight job. At 4 pm, it’s our Rohan Philippines segment as GMs Krieger and Fahriedune give you the lowdown on the closed beta test. Then, at 5 pm, our guest will be Monio, the first and only server lord (Iblis) of Flyff, who will be inducted into Game Heroes.

Tomorrow is the last day of My LU! Valentine, but don’t worry because starting next week, we’ll have regular LIVE! The Show video chats every week. Stay tuned for more details.

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