The end of YouTube as we know it?

Here’s an excerpt from my latest CNET Asia blog post.

What will happen to a site that was built on user-generated content (UGC) when it decides to de-emphasize the UGC that made it wildly popular in the first place?

We’ll find out if reports are true that the upcoming YouTube redesign will showcase premium content from TV networks and movie studios while relegating UGC to a Videos tab. This is what Mashable calls the “Hulufication of YouTube” (referring to NBC and News Corp.’s Hulu online video service), which I came across via Mike Abundo’s blog post.

What’s your take on this?

What will Zeph Espino a.k.a. Cora Girl wear at Level Up! LIVE 2009?

The Level Up! LIVE 2009 teaser site is online, and it’s time again to show people what a world-class Philippine online gaming event is really like. Mark it on your calendar: Nov. 7-8, World Trade Center, Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City.

This is what Zeph Espino a.k.a. Cora Girl wore during last year’s Level Up! LIVE when she won the award for best female cosplayer.

Cora Cosplayer Zeph Espino at Level Up! LIVE 2008

Wonder what Zeph will wear this year?

Thanks for watching LIVE! The Show: Graduation Day

Thanks to everyone who watched our online show, LIVE! The Show: Graduation Day, which we held on March 25-27 from 3-6 pm.

Thanks to all the GMs, and props to our friends over at CUBEiTV, which simulcast our live video stream on Global Destiny cable TV Channel 11.

LIVE! The Show: Graduation Day, our online tribute to all graduates, also marked the first time GM Jaws of Freestyle guested on the Live Blog, and boy, what a dance off that was between him and GM Vessago of RF Online!

We’ll replay the video on our next Live Blog, and post it on our official YouTube channel.

Stay tuned!

Kid-friendly browsing via

My daughter Sam was happy when we created a account for her.

This is a free browser that’s customized for kids. It offers tons of online content (including games, videos and music) that’s already been pre-selected for kids by parents and teachers, so that your child can experience the same freedom adults do while browsing, without you having to worry that they’ll go to an inappropriate site.

Thanks to Jerome Gotangco for the heads up — found out about KidZui from him after he replied to my tweet about Sam catching the big fish in Club Penguin.