Happy 7th anniversary, Level Up!

It’s fun to be number one! Happy 7th birthday, Level Up!

Here’s an excerpt from an article by my fellow CNET Asia blogger, birthday boy Iggy Javellana, who’s also my colleague at Level Up!

Today is my birthday… Just don’t ask how old I am. In a quick conversation with Joey, I told him, I’m not growing older… I’m ‘leveling up’. And to that Joey remarked, yes, you lose a point in constitution but gain a point in wisdom and intelligence. Yegads I love being a gamer geek.

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Happy 7th anniversary, Level Up! And happy 2nd anniversary, Perfect World, and happy first anniversary Crazy Kart!

Microsoft-Yahoo! deal: End of an era as Microsoft Bing powers Yahoo! Search

Here’s an excerpt from my latest CNET Asia blog post.

It was a long time coming, but Microsoft and Yahoo! have finally signed a deal, which now sees us bidding goodbye to Yahoo! Search as we know it.

Under the 10-year deal, Microsoft and Yahoo! will unify their search and advertising efforts. Yahoo! is in effect letting Microsoft take care of the search business, as Microsoft Bing will now be the one to power Yahoo! Search. Kind of makes longtime Internet users wax nostalgic, but then again once upon a time Google was just the search engine that powered Yahoo! Search before it became the online giant we now know.

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Triple H’s 40th birthday: Videos of cake surprise attack after Monday Night Raw went off the air

Triple H turned 40 on July 27, and after this week’s Monday Night Raw broadcast ended, his father-in-law, World Wrestling Entertainment chairman Vince McMahon, had a surprise for The Game a.k.a. The Cerebral Assassin.

Here’s the link to the TMZ.com clip.

Below are some clips of the cake surprise attack posted on YouTube by fans who attended this week’s Raw, which was held in Washington, D.C. and featured National Basketball Association superstar Shaquille O’Neal of the Cleveland Cavaliers as guest host. Check out my previous blog entry for Shaq’s encounter with The Big Show.

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Spoiler alert: Videos of Shaquille O’Neal vs The Big Show on Monday Night Raw

Stop reading if you haven’t seen this week’s Monday Night Raw and don’t want spoilers.

The moment it was announced that National Basketball Association superstar Shaquille O’Neal of the Cleveland Cavaliers was going to be the guest host on World Wrestling Entertainment’s Monday Night Raw, you had to know he was going to square off against “the world’s largest athlete,” The Big Show.

Well, Raw didn’t disappoint, and Shaq, a huge pro wrestling fan (in more ways than one, heh), was very entertaining and looked like he felt right at home. Maybe we’ll see him involved in WrestleMania 26 next year.

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Add a yellow ribbon to your Twitter avatar to support former Philippine president Cory Aquino

Check out my latest CNET Asia blog post.

Here’s an excerpt.

A number of Filipino Twitter users are now sporting a yellow Twibbon on their avatar to express support for former Philippine president Corazon “Cory” Aquino, who has been hospitalized since June 25.

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Arroyo State of the Nation Address live blog and live video stream

Here’s an excerpt from my latest CNET Asia blog post.

As Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo prepares to deliver her ninth and final State of the Nation Address this afternoon, thousands of rallyists have converged in the Commonwealth Avenue area near Congress while Filipinos across the country and all over the world monitor events in cyberspace.

The opposition is calling on Arroyo to unequivocally state that she will step down next year at the end of her term, amid fears of Charter Change that would prolong her in power.

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Perfect World: Path of Asura Patch 2 Item Mall update

Perfect World players, here are some of the cool items you can get with the Path of Asura Patch 2 Item Mall update.

Join the latest frenzy and get this Limited Edition: Lucky Star Box. Better hurry though as this limited edition: Lucky Star Box will only run in the Item Mall from July 24 to August 20 (11:59 pm).

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Affliction: Trilogy canceled as Affliction shuts down MMA promotion to return as UFC sponsor

Whew, it’s stunning how plans can suddenly change!

Left scrambling for an opponent for World Alliance of Mixed Martial Arts heavyweight champion Fedor Emelianenko after Josh Barnett failed a drug test, Affliction has announced that it is canceling its Aug. 1 Affliction: Trilogy pay-per-view.

Worse, Affliction, which while losing money has put two great pay-per-view cards built around Fedor, who is widely recognized as the world’s best MMA fighter, has decided to shut down its MMA promotion business. Instead, the company’s clothing division will once again become a sponsor of Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Talk about coming full circle.

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Halo Legends trailer: Microsoft’s Halo video game spawns anime short films

Halo is back, not as a game, but as a collection of seven anime short films called Halo Legends.

Check out this trailer from GameTrailers.com. Halo Legends was unveiled at Comic-Con International in San Diego.

Or you could check out the clip on YouTube.

In fact, Microsoft has created a new division that will manage its Halo franchise, 343 Industries.

What do you think of the decision to use the anime style, instead of making it CGI?

Fedor Emelianenko vs Vitor Belfort at Affliction: Trilogy after Josh Barnett fails drug test?

Well, that sucks for Affliction.

With the Affliction: Trilogy pay-per-view on Aug. 1 just around the corner, Josh Barnett, who is challenging World Alliance of Mixed Martial Arts heavyweight champion Fedor Emelianenko in the main event, has been removed from the card after he failed a drug test.

Here’s an excerpt from the Yahoo! Sports article.

Barnett said he wanted to keep quiet as he prepares an appeal, and had nothing negative to say about the testing procedure.

“It’s not a big conspiracy,” said Barnett, who had a previous positive banned substance test result on his record.

Atencio said the show will go on as scheduled, and that Emelianenko has agreed to face any potential opponent. Yahoo! Sports has been able to confirm the company has had talks over the past day with Brett Rogers, Vitor Belfort and Bobby Lashley.

MMAJunkie.com is reporting that Vitor has verbally committed to fighting Fedor, though negotiations are still ongoing.

Now, I’m a big fan of Vitor, even though The Phenom never really lived up to the huge expectations that resulted from his success as a young prodigy in the early days of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Still, as a middleweight, he’ll be a huge underdog against the heavyweight champ, apart of course from Fedor being widely considered the best mixed martial arts fighter in the world.

Let’s see if this match will push through, and if it does, I’ll be rooting for Vitor, against all odds.