Online petition to oust Willie Revillame nets over 48,000 signatures, MTRCB files complaint vs Wowowee host

Willie Revillame, host of the popular ABS-CBN noontime show Wowowee, is on leave indefinitely and has been forgiven by the family of former Philippine president Corazon “Cory” Aquino, but the online petition calling for his ouster continues to gather signatures from Filipinos worldwide.

As of this writing, the online petition now has 48,009 signatures. The irate viewers are protesting Revillame’s on-air comments on the Aquino cortege video that was shown as an inset during the airing of Wowowee.

Revillame’s critics have also set up the Anti Willie Revillame Movement Facebook Group, which now has over 5,000 members.

Meanwhile, the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board has filed a complaint and called for the preventive suspension of Revillame.

You may also check out Rodel Rodis’ “Oust Willie!” column piece for Global Nation at Here’s an excerpt.

CALIFORNIA, United States—The death of Corazon Aquino produced an unprecedented outpouring of collective sorrow, with hundreds of thousands lining up at the Manila Cathedral to personally bid her farewell, from marginalized squatters to high society matrons, from leftist revolutionaries to rightist coup plotters.

The one discordant note in the otherwise unified sea of harmony came from Wowowee host Willie Revillame, who complained on the air that showing the Cory funeral cortege was sucking the fun out of his hugely popular ABS-CBN variety show.

For other Revillame-related new stories, check out my previous blog entry.

Here’s a copy of the video in case you haven’t seen it yet.

You may sign the online petition to oust Revillame here.

Online petition to oust Willie Revillame nets over 48,000 signatures, MTRCB files complaint vs Wowowee host

36 thoughts on “Online petition to oust Willie Revillame nets over 48,000 signatures, MTRCB files complaint vs Wowowee host

  1. rmerc says:

    bastos ni williE! tanggalin na yan! sbi nga ni joey de leon, ekung sya ang pinaparada?? db. bastos imorral na walang galang.yumaman lang kapal ng mukha,sorry willie un ang katotohanan.ika nga nila.the truth hurts.

  2. emil mesa says:

    I dont like the way he talked to our former president his not giving respect and love!what he wants is only his personal interest for the sake of his show especially his popularity.I dont like this guy to host this kind of show which is aired all over the world.He’ll not be the raw model for our young generation especially the children

  3. rickyfellizar says:

    Willie you are so arrogant, dont ever tell your viewers that you are to make them happy. Showing boasts and insulting your contestants is not a good example most especially to the kids.
    Pinaglalaruan mo yung mga kapos palad kung uto utuin mo para sa pera ang mga taong mahihirap para lang masabi mo na mahal ka ng mga tao PWE Kung me offer sa iyo si Senator Villar sa nacionalista party Shame on him wala na ba na mapili na iba YOU ARE MUCH OF A LIABILITY THAN AN ASSET MATATALINO NA ANG MGA BOTANTE NGAYON AT DI MO MAUUTO ANG MGA BOTANTE NA IBOTO KA. MAYABANG MANYAK AT BASTOS NA HOST NG WOWOWEE

  4. i dnt like willie.ang bastos nya sa mga audience sa co host nya at sa buong sambayanan pilipino ang dapat sa knya mapatalsik sa programa nya. dapat sa knya ay sa kulungan i would preper na ibang artist kaysa saknya na mag host sa wowowee.. oo nga nagpapasaya sya ng mga tao pero sana nmn ilagay din minsan nya sa tama kung nakaka offend na ba sya or nakaka sira na ng kapwa!

  5. michelle says:

    wag ng pabalikin si willie sa wowowee,hanap na lang ng ibang host.marami namang mas magaling at magalang na puede ipalit sa kanya. hindi sya magandang ehemplo sa lahat ng manonood.

  6. Ginger says:

    I agree. Dapat paalisin na si Willie sa show dahil nayayabangan na ako sa kanya at bastos pa. He takes advantage of the poor Filipinos just to get his fame. If he is sincere in helping the poor then he should stop lavishing on the material things and share his wealth to the people who needs help. He is soooo fake!

  7. berny see says:

    Tama lang magkasama sila ni manny V at Willy Re V, birds of same feather flocks together. Sabi ni Willie sa tutoo lang siya? Ano ang tutoo? Kung nakikisimpatia siya sa nagluluksang bayan, bakit di niya hiniling sa abs/cbn na di siya mag show ng ilang araw o kaya’y magbawas ng malalaswang pag giling at pag kanyod ng ilang araw, makakabawas ba sa limpak limpak niyang salapi. Ang tutoo, di daw siya maka concentrate magpasaya ng audience kung nakikita niya ang nag-luluksang bayan, Kung di ba naman BOPOL, at walang pakundangan bakit ka nga mag papasaya sa nagluluksang Bayan, mahirap bang isipin ito. Ang tutoo, walang sinabi si HUDAS, HERODES at BARABAS kung kasabayan sa panahon, dapat walang nagsasaya kung biernes santo. Ang tutoo nahuli ka sa sariling bibig si WIllie, na siya ay Bopol, wala sa tamang pag iisip, bastos, walang etiketa at urbanidad. Tamang Karma lang dahil sa mga namatay sa Ultra na walang Hustisia, kagustuhan narin ni TITA CORY na makilala ang tunay mong pag-katao (Fake), vote for willie & manny, ibebenta ang kaluluwa para mag-kamal ng salapi.

  8. Elle says:

    I have seen the noon time show Wowowee last August 3, 2009. The demeanor of the host, Mr. Willie Revillame, was shocking and disgusting. But I am wondering why people focused only on his words and actions when he said, “Kung ganyan, pakita na lang natin ‘yan. Kasi nagsasaya kami dito, tapos.. etc. (read the quoted statementes of Mr. Willie Revillame in the papers or online news)”.

    In this particular show of Wowowee, the host displayed three (3) acts of bad manners:

    (1.) When Mr. Revillame was interviewing one of the contestants, he kept on saying something to this effect, “bilisan mo.. baka maputol na naman tayo dahil sa ano… yong ano”.

    – a writer in a broadsheet said that Mr. Revillame just kept on saying “ano” when referring to the cortege of Pres. Corazon Aquino. It was so improper and disrespectful of him to just say “ano” when referring to the icon of democracy.

    (2.) The quoted words of Mr. Revillame in this online petition by Roel Saguisag.

    – I need not say anything on this matter as this is the highlighted behavior of the host.

    (3.) In that game wherein the contestants would guess the title of the song. The contestant gave the correct answer or title of the song which is Mad. Then Mr. Revillame said, “tama Mad! Yan ang feeling ko ngayon Mad!”

    – this behavior or mental state of being angry should not be shown in a national television. Mr. Revillame must have controlled his emotions, a responsibility he owes to the public.

    These three (3) bad manners of Mr. Revillame, when taken together, clearly show an ill-mannered host. Mr. Revillame, a disgrace to the kapamilya, should be fired by the network. ABS-CBN noon time show will still be No. 1 even without Mr. Revillame provided that they continue to be generous in giving prizes to the contestants. The people patronize Wowowee, not because of Mr. Revillame but because of the gifts and prizes the show had been giving the public.

    Change the host + continue to be generous on prizes = ABS-CBN noontime show No. 1.

    Bottom line: Oust Willie Revillame!!!

  9. Melchor L. Flores says:

    One thing I could strongly advice to Mr. Willie Revillame is you must rest if you must but don’t you quit… Just swallow your pride seriously so that your goal can be achieved.

  10. jrmlorenz says:

    bastos naman talaga at walang modo yang si Willie. pakitang tao lang ang lahat. bakit hindi magising ang abs cbn. are you after only the money that you will earn out of wowowee?? Please have credibility naman.

  11. rj dayrit says:

    dapat nga alisin na si willie sa show niya.lumaki ang ulo ni niya at super yabang na.akala niya siya na ang may ari ng abs.di ko maintindihan bakit ang abs di nila sinasabihan si willie.takot ba sila sa kanya?sila ang nagpapasweldo sa kanya.bakit ganon..kaya mr lopez sana magising ka.ang taas pa naman ang pinagaralan mo.marami naman kayong talent na may pinagaralan at may good willie kahit isa walang totoo lang ang daming galit kay willie…di lang sa vegas sa buong mundo…kaya sana ayusin ito kung hindi baka mawalan kayo ng mga customer…

  12. NELLTY says:

    I thought I was the only one who notice that Willie is becoming so mayabang. A new friend told me to open this site and join thousand of people who is petetioning for “that puppy” to oust from Wowowee. Ang yabang, para bang hindi siya naging alilang alalay noong walang-wala siya at kung mang ismol ng tao ay para bang siya na ang may-ari ng station. This is the end of his kahambugan.

  13. Randy Gutierrez says:

    He may be trying to be “totoo” only…but too bad…the “totoo” isn’t good…he should quit while he still has his millions…

    He has enough(money)to last him and his great grandchildren anyway…

  14. Randy Gutierrez says:

    Maybe he thinks he is higher than the former president in stature…or maybe he is just plain insensitive…or maybe he simply lacks the proper education and ethics…?

    Whatever the reason he did that….he doesn’t deserve the salary he is getting and the position he is in…If the Filipino people votes for him…it is time to think of migrating…

  15. ryan says:

    Kitang kita naman ang kaplastikan ni Willie Revillame, if bubuksan lang ng mga tao ang isip nila at magiging critical audience sila, makikita nila si Willie Revillame.

    Paano mo masasabing mabuti kang tao kung namamahiya ka sa ere?

    I’m not a regular viewer of wowowee, pero bakit ganun? On Air, pinapagalitan niya ang staff pati ang co-host? Mas matindi, pasigaw pa niya ginagawa, respeto lang. Pagsabihan mo, wag on cam, off cam na lang. Ganito ba ang ugali ng mabuting tao or pinipilit lang maging mabuti sa iba?

    Pati ang ginagawa niyang pambabara sa istorya ng mga mahihirap? Alam natin na plano lang niya magpatawa, pero hindi nakakatawa. Nakakabastos.

    If you’re really a good person, you will always respect the feeling of others. Kung wala kang magandang sasabihin, wag ka ng magsalita.

    Nakalimutan na rin natin ang DECEPTION na ginawa nila sa mga tao, Yung 2 nagiging 0. ‘Yan, gawain yan ng mabuting tao. Magaling yan. Masama, pinagtanggol pa ng DOS ang kalokohan na ito, syempre ikaw ba naman ang kumita ng sangkatutak at may donation pa galing sa mga tao ibang bansa trough TFC. Mahusay di ba?

    Kaya hindi nakakagulat na ginawa ni Willie Revillame ang ginawa niyang kabastusan sa Icon of Democracy, na kung hindi dahil sa kanya at sa kanyang asawa, malamang wala kang Ferrari Willie Revillame…

    Wala ka Willie, wala ka…

  16. tama tagalin nayang wowowee n yan, walang nakukuwang aral ang mga manunuod…pinapaasa nlang ang mga tao sa swerte1!!! magbanat ng tayo nuh…willie, go 2 hell!!!dun k nararapat…ang EATBULAGA nga nagluluksa…bakit yong wowowee ay parang naiirita pa…dahil sa pagluluksa kay tita cory especially, yong mayabang na host…

  17. John Cruzero says:

    Willie should be fired, not only on the incident of Cory’s cortege but because he is a bad example of tv hosting. His arrogance, demeaning character, lewd behaviour to women and his continous disregard onrespect for women in general is clearly watched over his show. We are TFC subscriber who are paying for decent show and we deserved one.

  18. anurphy says:

    ano ba naman yan gago na, bastos pa . ilang beses na ba naman itong nagyari. he should be totally banned from tv. humanap ka na lang ng spot where you can be real and not subject to regulations. ang yabang mo. pati pangulo tinalo mo. bastos ka,sana huwag ka nang bumalik o gumawa ka na lang ng bagong. shiow. ia m a tfc subscriber but havent been watching your show with or without you.,you did not insult the president per se but the filipino sentiments towards the dead. yabanggggggg< basTOS,,,, KUNG SABAGAY SAAN KA BA NAMAN NANGGALING. ONE CAN BETTER ONE’S SELF KUNG you STAY GUARDED AND KNOW THAT YOU DO NOT EARN RICHES OUT OF INSULTING YOUR VIEWERS. tsk, tsk , tsk. saan ba ang pagkakamali ? breeding?

  19. Bruce Chan says:

    I just don’t find it offensive. Problema sa nakararami satin, masyadong mapusok at panatiko! Konting salita, issue na. Eh tama naman na d dapat simultaneous yung pagpalabas. Di nga magandang tingnan! Eh whats the problem with that statement??? Sa mga gunggong na mababaw ang pag iisip, yan sugod ng sugod against willie. Gumagalang nga at nahihiya ang tao dahil nagsasaya sa programa nya while nagluluksa yung mga panatiko! D naman ako maka Willie. Tingin ko lang kc mdyo malabo pag iisip ng nakararami. Dala na cguro ng matinding kahirapan! Wak Panatik! Oke???

  20. ronon dex says:

    what do we expect from willie??? nothing di ba.buti pa nga ang basura pwedeng irecycle pero si willie,wala ng pag asa.,,wala ng pag asa pang magbago yan.kumbaga walang value.dapat kay willie sa perya na lang,mas mabuti pa nga ang taga carnaval mas may utak pa kesa dyan.willie is just a devil’s herald….dapat na talaga syang paalisin sa show ng abs,walang kwenta.hanap na lang ng matinong host…marami naman diba mga taga abs????

  21. fredison says:

    Hindi malabo, it's just that there are below average and above average people. The below average would not notice Villiar letting willie to endorse him they would even applaud for it but, to the above average Villiar just shown his lack of righteous taste. Since willie is the king of noon time crying, would i be wrong if he was the one who orchestrated villiar's mom nation wide crying?So what happened to villiar rating? You should be proud that pilipino nowadays has elevated taste and senses. By the way, the rule is if someone doesn't like a dead person he should just be quiet especially if you are in the entertainment world.Am i a fanatic? NO!, I am just one of those who use to watch TFC but because of king willie letting the children cry in his show and all his rudeness i stop watching wowowo.

  22. Vlad says:

    Ang sisi dapat sa abs-cbn bakit kn-keep nila si willie na bastos, hambog, arogante, mainitin ang ulo na talagang pinapakita niya sa show. Its about time na ang wowowee ay maging masaya at nakakatulong na show na hindi magmumukhang estupido ang mga tao. Maraming talent diyan na mahuhusay at disente like Ryan Agoncillo, I agree. Dapat maganda ang image ng Filipino huwag nating gawing mga parang mangmang. Responsible programming nasa istasyon yan kaya Oust Willie Revillame yun lang simple. Sila Pokwang lang at ang mga girls kaya nang i-run ang show.

  23. nathan says:

    dapat bigyan yan ng leksyon kasi, baka imbes na pasang awa na lang ang grado nung mga kabataang humahanga sa kanya ay makick out na talaga sa school dahil ginaya na ang pag uugali nya…kasiraan lang sya kay villar, kung mananalo man si villar eh wala na syang dapat tanawin na utang na loob kay willie kasi binabayaran naman nya ito.. kaya lang iba ang utak ni willie aakalain nya pag nanalo si villar ay sya na ang nagluklok sa puwesto nito bilang Presidente, naku po sana gisingin sya ni villar at bigyan ng leksyon, sobra na ang tama sa ulo nyan.

  24. rose kolden says:

    dapat palitan na si willie,wala na akong ganang manood ng wowowe,tama ang sabi ng iba para siyang langgaw na nakatongtong sa kalabaw,

  25. Ann says:

    Its long overdue.This guy is too arrogant! Too much bad example being shown! What a character and he was even being endorses as someone qualified to run for the Senate.Another Trash!!!

  26. rod says:

    tama ka brod…sana isipin din ng ABS-CBN ang kapakanan ng mga kabataan..d lang ang mga perang ipinapasok ni willie sa kanila ang importante. sana rin ABS-CBN ang masunod at hinde si willie..

  27. Maharlika2004ph says:

    Palagi po kaming nanood ng Wowowee dito sa Saudi. Sa Cast mo Tour Portion po, may isang Lady Host na laging naka-short (kapiraso lang at mukhang kinapos ang tela nong ipatahi). RR Enriquez yata ang pangalan ng lintek na babaeing yon. Kulang nalang na hindi makita ang tinatago niyang konting bilat..este balat pala. Nakakadiri pong panoorin. Tapos, hindi magandang panoorin ng mga anak namin. Dapat sibakin din ang lintek na babaeng ito baka dahil sa paglantad ng buong katawan sa TV e sumikat siya. Sana po mapansin ng mga bagong kinauukulan ang ang lintek na babaing ito. Saan po ba siya pwede isumbong??

  28. kil says:

    sna alisin na c willy ang yabang kc. he think na npakataas na nya. cnasabing mabait kc ngbbgay ng pera sa show na wowowee. hnd namn nya personal na pera yan, pera ng management at un cnasabi o pinapakita nya na galing sa bulsa nya un pera totoo pro gnagawa nya un pra mgpapansin sa mga tao. npakalaking kaplastiksan ang pinapakita nya sa television. npakalaking pgkakamali na sya ang pinili nilang host sa show.alisin na yan at palitan sya ng taong marunong mgpakumbaba, totoo sa srili, at hnd mayabang.

  29. Peteryang says:

    di na kailangan pabalikin si willie masisira lang reputasyon ng ABS CBN pag ginawa nila yun, maraming OFW di na mag subscribe ng TFC for SURE….

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