Ragnarok World Championship 2009 results: Follow Level Up!’s RWC 2009 social media coverage

Want to get updates on the results of the Ragnarok World Championship 2009 tournament that will be held on Nov. 1 in Yokohama, Japan?

Then follow Level Up!’s social media coverage of RWC 2009.

Here’s an excerpt from my Level Up! blog post.

To get updates on the RWC 2009 results, become a fan of the official Level Up! Page on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/levelupinc

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Good luck to Team Philippines!

What was the first website you created?

To use Ederic’s Twitter hashtag, it’s cybersenti time hehe 🙂

Here’s an excerpt from my latest CNET Asia blog post.

Reading fellow CNET Asia blogger Lim Sheng Ming’s requiem to GeoCities got me all nostalgic, because like I commented on his post, I created my very first Web site on GeoCities in 1998.

I haven’t seen that site in years, but it turns out that Darkspiral’s Babel Machine is preserved on Archive.org. Man, this dates me, hehe, but let me tell you, nothing compares with the geeky joy of creating a Web site for the first time. I decided to devote that first site to promoting science fiction and fantasy writing in the Philippines.

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Ultimate Thailand Explorers: Vote for Filipino semifinalists Michael Paul and Jennifer

Here’s an excerpt from my latest CNET Asia blog post.

Attesting to how social media can be effectively tapped for the tourism industry, the Ultimate Thailand Explorers competition sees Internet-savvy travelers vying for the chance to explore five of the country’s top holiday destinations: Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, and Koh Samui.

Making it to the semifinals for Koh Samui are Filipino newlyweds Michael Paul and Jennifer of Zamboanga City, Philippines. You can vote for Michael Paul and Jennifer here after registering at the Ultimate Thailand Explorers site.

By voting, you won’t just be helping your favorite team, but you’ll also get the chance to be one of two lucky voters who will each receive $2,500 price packages.

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Watch U2 Rose Bowl concert via free live stream on YouTube

Yup, you can watch the U2 Rose Bowl concert live on YouTube wherever you are!

Here’s an excerpt from my CNET Asia blog post.

At 8:30 pm PT (11:30 am today in the Philippines and Singapore), join thousands of fans around the world who will watch U2’s Rose Bowl concert for free via the live video stream on YouTube.

This isn’t the first time YouTube is live streaming an event, but with the expected success of a concert of this magnitude by a band of U2’s stature, I’m hoping that YouTube will leverage on its dominance of the online video space to make live streaming a permanent fixture on the site.

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EllaGanda.com blog post sparks online furor over DSWD handling of relief goods

Here’s an excerpt from my CNET Asia blog post.

For the better part of Friday, the Philippine online community was buzzing over a blog post on EllaGanda.com lamenting the Department of Social Welfare and Development’s handling of  relief goods donated to typhoon victims. The blog post showed photos of “relief goods rotting in DSWD warehouses”, allegedly still undelivered to victims due to the agency’s lack of manpower.

When the blog became inaccessible, other sites such as Jenni Epperson’s Mabuhaygirl.multiply.com and Gang Badoy’s abashet: what a glorious time to be free reposted the original entry and photos. Filipino Internet users spread the word via social networks and microblogs such as Twitter, Facebook and Plurk, even making DSWD one of the top Trending Topics on Twitter for a time.

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AsiaPacificFilms.com: Watch Asian movies online for free until Nov 1

Found out about this cool site today. Cinema lovers who’d like to watch acclaimed Asian films, shorts and documentaries online should check it out.

Here’s an excerpt from my CNET Asia blog post.

While blogging this, I’m watching the award-winning documentary Squatterpunk directed by Khavn De La Cruz of the Philippines. Squatterpunk, which takes a look at the punk lifestyles of young garbage scavengers in the slums of Manila, is just one of 500 acclaimed and culturally significant films, shorts and documentaries from Asian directors in the online library of AsiaPacificFilms.com.

Apart from the Philippines, the other countries represented include China, India, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Sri Lanka, Iran, and more. To introduce the new site, AsiaPacificFilms.com is offering unlimited access in a free trial until November 1, after which the subscription rate will be US$8.99 a month for unlimited access.

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Donate Wynne Arboleda salary to typhoon victims, online petition urges

Check out my latest CNET Asia blog post.

Here’s an excerpt.

An online petition is now circulating among Filipino Internet users, urging the management of the Philippine Basketball Association team Burger King to donate the lost income of its suspended player, Wynne Arboleda, to the victims of the recent typhoons in the Philippines.

Arboleda has been suspended for the rest of the season in the country’s premiere professional basketball league for attacking a fan who was heckling him. The suspension without pay means 2.73 million Philippine pesos (around 81,540 Singapore dollars) in lost income for the Burger King player.

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