Changing my lifestyle

You know you’re on a diet when you wake up from a nightmare — one where you were eating chocolate. I’m talking a lot of chocolate and other sweets haha!

Anyway, I’m glad I chose Medical City’s The Center for Wellness and Aesthetics for my executive check-up — excellent service.

I’ll have to modify my lifestyle, but I figure if I was able to quit smoking cold turkey six years ago, I can also eat healthy food and exercise more.

Social media actually helped me a lot in quitting smoking, because every day I would tweet and post a Facebook status update saying how many days it’s been since I gave up smoking. For instance: “Day 1 without ciggies”.

Making a public commitment via social media helped me, because I didn’t want to have to tweet or post that I had already started smoking again. It also helped that people would encourage me by replying to my tweets, or commenting on my FB posts. In fact, some said they were even inspired to use the same method to try to give up smoking or develop a different healthy habit.

So, yeah, I’m making a public commitment to eating healthy food and exercising more.

Let’s do this!

Meeting Vampy Bit Me

At the recently concluded AsiaPOP Comicon in Manila, I was fortunate to finally meet international cosplayer Linda Le, better known as Vampy Bit Me.

Vampy, who’s an American of Vietnamese descent, was one of the guests at AsiaPOP Comicon. I’ve been a fan of Vampy for years, having seen her cosplays online, particularly on IGN.

You can also read this What’s a Geek interview to find out more about Vampy.

Thanks for the photo and autograph, Vampy! And thanks to my wife Ellen for taking the pic.