The Age of Entitlement

This. Entitlement doesn’t get you anywhere. The world doesn’t owe you anything, special snowflake. Whatever happened to paying your dues first?


Excerpt from this excellent article.

“But you are a young, white, English speaking woman with a degree and a family who I would assume is helping you out at the moment, and you are asking for handouts from strangers while you sit on your ass looking for cushy jobs you are not entitled to while you complain about the establishment, probably from a nice laptop.

“To you, that is more acceptable than taking a job in a restaurant, or a coffee shop, or a fast food place. And that’s the trouble with not just your outlook, but the outlook of so many people your age. You think it is somehow more impressive to ask strangers for money by writing some ‘witty’ open letter than it is to put on your big girl pants and take a job you might be embarrassed by in order to make ends meet. And as someone who not only took the ’embarrassing job,’ but thrived at it, made bank from it and found a career path through it, I am utterly disgusted by your attitude.”