Batman v Superman doesn’t do justice to 2 superhero icons

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is the perfect DC movie — if DC stood for Disappointing Crap.


Zack is the ultimate talentless hack. It takes a special kind of incompetence to take two of the most popular and iconic superheroes and come up with a pretentious and ludicrous movie like this. The film wastes about an hour and forty minutes before any actual fight occurs, and all throughout you’re trying to remain interested while the movie creaks under the weight of its desperation to be taken seriously and gives us a parade of scowling, unlikable characters while our ears are assaulted by leaden dialogue and the most annoying soundtrack of all time.

Yes, there are some good moments, but sadly the trailers already showed you most of the remotely interesting stuff. Batman v Superman has a running time of two hours and thirty-one minutes, which is about two hours too long.

It’s clear that 300 was only a (somewhat) decent film because Zack Snyder basically copied Frank Miller’s graphic novel panel by panel. On his own, Zack doesn’t seem to know how to be a storyteller.
BvS is less of a coherent movie and more of a mashup of themes, comic book storylines, and plot devices that Zack probably thought were cool. I never thought my reaction while watching a movie with Batman and Superman in it would be: “Please just let it end.”

Yes, Wonder Woman was cool (OK, mainly when she’s not talking and not in her civilian identity) and Superman does finally get to do something true to his character, but these positives aren’t enough to save this boring train wreck. I wouldn’t watch this movie a second time. In fact, I regret watching it at all, but, hey, I’m a geek and comic book fan and I had to see it for myself. But yes, the critics were right and they can’t even begin to describe how awful of a mess this was. Sure, it will make a lot of money, but I don’t think this is the right universe for DC to use for the franchise they’re trying to build.