Cap is not amused

Cap is not amused by the stupid, meant-to-be-shocking twist in the Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 comic book. Yeah, we know there’s a twist to this twist, or at any rate it will be undone before Cap’s next movie appearance, but these stunts are really getting old. Oh, well, I’ve always hated comic book Cap, anyway. The MCU version is better.

What if Hitler came back?

Chilling lines. Watch the movie Look Who’s Back if you can. It’s on Netflix now. What if Adolf Hitler wakes up in the new millennium? How will people react to him?

Based on the satirical novel (which I haven’t read yet), this movie features unscripted segments between the actor playing Hitler and German civilians, apart from the scripted scenes.
Sawatzki: “You’re a monster.”
Hitler: “Am I? Then you have to condemn those who elected this monster.
“Were they all monsters? No, they were ordinary people, who chose to elect an extraordinary man, and entrust the fate of the country to him.
“What do you want to do, Sawatzki? Ban elections?”