The one where I met Miss Australia

Throwback Thursday: With Miss Australia Michelle van Eimeren, who represented her country in the 1994 Miss Universe pageant held in the Philippines. This was a few months after the Miss Universe tilt, as she stayed in the Philippines and starred in a number of Filipino movies. 
My first job was as a staff writer for CHiC, an English-language women’s magazine from what was then one of the biggest Philippine comic book (komiks) and magazine publishers, GASI (Graphic Arts Service, Inc.). Michelle was there for the interview and pictorial for an upcoming cover of the magazine. I will always be grateful to my first editors and bosses Alexander Gatpandan, Espie Gatpandan, and Ray Jimeno, and our publisher Oli Samaniego, for giving me my first break.

CommunicAsia throwback

The annual pilgrimage to CommunicAsia in Singapore was once a tradition for tech journalists in the region. Here I am with my fellow tech journalists and Cyberpress (IT Journalists Association of the Philippines) members Patti Nisperos, Edu Lopez, and the late Tony Paño. This was circa 1999, when I was still a reporter for the Philippine Daily Inquirer. Patti was with BusinessWorld, Edu was with Manila Bulletin, while Tony was with The Philippine Star. Rest in peace, Tony.

High school barkada

My high school barkada. L-R: Dennis Rotairo, Neil Tan, Raymond Nano, the late Reynaldo Idano, Paul Mandal, Anthony Villanueva, and me. We were in Section 421-B and were geeks who loved comic books, science fiction and fantasy, computers, and video games, back when geek culture wasn’t mainstream LOL. This photo was taken shortly before we graduated from UST High School in 1987. I think this was the day we met up in UST and went to the Ayala Museum in Makati.

Party like it’s 1999

Flashback Friday: Cyberpress (IT Journalists Association of the Philippines) Christmas party. 
I think this was in 1999 because Prudence Orani was the president and I was the VP — I became the president the following year. Anyway, this was the year where Patti Nisperos (who was then with BusinessWorld) and I were the hosts, and then National Computer Center Director General Ike Señeres inducted our batch of Cyberpress officers. Also present as a speaker was then President Joseph Estrada’s ICT (Information and Communications Technology) presidential adviser Chito Kintanar.
So if I’m remembering the date correctly, we were literally partying like it’s 1999 hahaha! Just days before the dreaded Y2K Bug a.k.a. Millennium Bug was supposed to cause computers all over the world to shut down or go haywire.