Only when you Leav: Lang Leav and Instagram poetry

Lang Leav is one of the most popular poets. Though some people would say she’s not a poet, or, at least, not a good one.

I admit: I tried reading some of her poetry, and, well, it’s not my cup of tea. I actually think Taylor Swift, who has never claimed to be a poet, writes better poetry, though of course as a longtime fan I’m definitely biased.

Instagram has been instrumental in popularizing the works of Leav and other modern poets. Depending on how you see it, Instagram is saving poetry — or spreading an Instagrammy style of pop poetry like some virus.

Some have decried the hate spewed against Leav and other pop poets, such as Rupi Kapur. And whatever you might think of her poetry, there’s no arguing that Leav has legions of fans, including those eagerly awaiting her return to the Philippines on Feb. 23 and 24.

How about you? Do you like Lang Leav?

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