Surviving the apocalypse

Do you also love science and technology? One non-fiction book I highly recommend is Annalee Newitz’sScatter, Adapt, and Remember: How Humans Will Survive a Mass Extinction”.

This beautifully written book, which I’ve read twice already, is truly inspiring. Yes, I know that’s ironic, considering that it’s tackling the inevitability of one apocalypse or another causing mass extinction on Earth. Yet it fills me with pragmatic optimism that humanity will survive, not because of some vague hope, but through science and the strategies that our ancestors and different species have employed in order to avoid extinction.

As Newitz put it:

“My point is that regardless of whether humans are responsible for the sixth mass extinction on Earth, it’s going to happen. Assigning blame is less important than figuring out how to prepare for the inevitable and survive it. And when I say ‘survive it,’ I don’t mean as humans alone on a world gone to hell. Survival must include the entire planet, and its myriad ecosystems, because those are what keep us fed and healthy.”

We are survivors. We must never forget that.

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