Join The Correspondent and help unbreak the news

News is broken. As The Correspondent founder Rob Wijnberg puts it, “what fast food is to the body, news is to the mind.”

“It briefly satisfies your appetite for spectacle and diversion, but ultimately leaves you unsatisfied and uninformed. Because the news is mostly empty calories too.

“It promises to tell you ‘what’s going on in the world,’ but actually does the opposite: it constantly shows you sensational exceptions, but leaves you in the dark about the rule. It scares you with overexposed risks, but blinds you to systematic progress. It transfixes you with depressing problems, but almost never offers you any solutions.”

News unfortunately has become the equivalent of junk food, emphasizing the sensational rather than the foundational. That’s why I’ve signed up for The Correspondent, joining a new movement for unbreaking the news.

The Correspondent, which will start publishing on Sept. 30, 2019 after its successful crowdfunding campaign, will be ad-free and will treat readers not as the audience, but as members of the community who will collaborate in changing how news is created and how we pay for it.

Want to become part of this movement? Join now.

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