Of Palancas and UP Tinta

Amused to find out that thanks to our last names, I’m near my friends and UP Tinta orgmates, the Palanca power couple Dean Francis Alfar and Nikki Alfar, in the Directory of Winners of the Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature.

Seems like yesterday when Dean won his first Palanca in 1990 for “Fragments of Memory” in the One-act Play category. Dean even planned to stage the play and cast UP Tinta members for the roles, including me. We had several rehearsals, but plans didn’t push through. Still, it was an awesome experience.

I will always be grateful that I joined UP Tinta because it definitely was one of the turning points in my life. I remember passing by the tambayan several times and wondering about these people singing and dancing to songs from musicals. It took me a long time to muster the courage to apply, because I didn’t know anyone and was a bit intimidated by how talented and cultured everyone was hahaha! I was always a bookworm, but I never thought back then that I would join a literary org. I’m glad I did, because I met so many awesome people, shared a lot of interesting experiences, and made friends for life. Good times.

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