Of paper tigers and distant stars

Ken Liu’s “The Paper Menagerie and Other Stories” is the 18th book I’ve finished this year. Truly a wonderful collection of powerful and beautifully-written stories. I hope more of the works in this anthology will be turned into a “Love Death + Robots” episode, just like “Good Hunting”.

“The Paper Menagerie” (the first work of fiction to sweep all three major science fiction awards: the Hugo, the Nebula, and the World Fantasy Award), ”Mono No Aware”, “The Bookmaking Habits of Select Species”, “The Man Who Ended History: A Documentary” — these would all make great episodes.

“Look up at the stars, and we are bombarded by light generated on the day the last victim at Pingfang died, the day the last train arrived at Auschwitz, the day the last Cherokee walked out of Georgia. And we know that the inhabitants of those distant worlds, if they are watching, will see those moments, in time, as they stream from here to there at the speed of light. It is not possible to capture all of those photons, to erase all of those images. They are our permanent record, the testimony of our existence, the story that we tell the future. Every moment, as we walk on this earth, we are watched and judged by the eyes of the universe.”

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