Content builds customer relationships

Is your company taking online content for granted? Bad move.

How can you expect people to try your product or service if you don’t make your content easy to discover? And why should visitors become loyal customers when you make it frustratingly hard to find the right information on your site?

Here’s an excerpt from a very useful article on

What I love about Sheridan’s story is the way it clearly demonstrates that any company–even a swimming pool company–can find tremendous success with content at the lead-gen stage and throughout the entire sales path, from generating interest to converting browsers into buyers by educating them and by serving as a resource for referrals after the sale.

So what kind of content is being used to start and nurture relationships with prospects? According to a study from Focus Research, companies use a mix of content types to attract customers, depending on the kind of business they do: from blog posts, white papers, webinars and other virtual events (especially business-to-business operations) to research papers (particularly businesses that sell to consumers).

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How is your company using content to build relationships?