Have a super 2012!

Happy New Year from me, my wife Ellen and our daughter Sam! Here’s hoping 2012 will be a super year for us all!

Want to be fit in 2012? Make fitness a habit! Here’s an excerpt from an excellent blog post from Leo Babauta over at zenhabits:

Instead of creating a list of resolutions this year, create a new habit.

Habits last, and they lead to long-term fitness (and more). They require more patience, but they are worth the wait.

As some of you know, fitness habits are what started me along the path to changing my life. I quit smoking, started running. Then I started eating healthier, became vegetarian (now vegan), quit the junk food addiction, started doing other types of workouts (bodyweight, weights, Crossfit, anything that was fun).

Check out his blog post.

Thanks to my high school buddy Marianito Rodrigo for recently introducing me to zenhabits.