Conquering Timezone’s Maxi Claw

My daughter Sam and I love UFO Catcher/crane/claw machines, and we have a pretty good track record when it comes to snagging toys.

I dunno if I gained special powers when I became a dad, because I never used to win on these machines. Most recently, we conquered Timezone’s Maxi Claw, which I joked before would be the pinnacle of our career since we’ve already won toys on all sorts of crane machines.

You can bet Sam was thrilled when I snagged Piglet. It took two tries, so I only spent P58 to get the toy.

I know that I jokingly told Sam that we can already retire after conquering the Maxi Claw, but we’re having too much fun. After all, as my wife Ellen puts it, it’s “our thing.”

Onward to the next claw machine!

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