Of journalism and abolishing ‘citizen journalists’

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Here’s an excerpt.

The editorial Let’s Abolish ‘Citizen Journalists’ on The Digital Journalist caught my attention, thanks to a tweet from @gangbadoy retweeting the link from @glossmania.

While I don’t agree with the article entirely, it does raise good points on the need to vet stories posted and spread through social networks, and the kind of dedication and courage it takes for journalists to actually cover news events.

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Blogging the Philippine elections: Making sure your blog is not for sale

Here’s an excerpt from my latest CNET Asia blog post.

It may have taken several years and elections, but citizen journalism is expected to play a key role in covering the Philippine presidential polls in 2010.

One sign of recognition for Filipino bloggers and citizen journalists is that the Philippine Commission on Elections is officially welcoming blog coverage of the polls.

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