Kid-friendly browsing via

My daughter Sam was happy when we created a account for her.

This is a free browser that’s customized for kids. It offers tons of online content (including games, videos and music) that’s already been pre-selected for kids by parents and teachers, so that your child can experience the same freedom adults do while browsing, without you having to worry that they’ll go to an inappropriate site.

Thanks to Jerome Gotangco for the heads up — found out about KidZui from him after he replied to my tweet about Sam catching the big fish in Club Penguin.

Sam catches the big fish in Club Penguin

Yup, you can catch the big fish in the Gone Fishing mini-game of Disney’s massively multiplayer online game Club Penguin.

Just use the small fish you caught as bait. The big fish will make an appearance while far away, so instead of placing the fish you caught in the container, keep it on your fishing pole and wait for the big guy.

My 7-year-old daughter Sam got a real kick out of catching the big fish, which is worth 100 bonus coins.

Sam and Club Penguin

I created a new Club Penguin account for my daughter Sam, because it’s been a long while since she last played.

She had fun playing, and if you have a kid, I’d highly recommend this Flash-based massively multiplayer online game, which Disney purchased in August 2007.

Club Penguin is free to play, but paid membership is required if you’d like to purchase clothes and access other exclusive content.

Here’s a screenshot of one of the mini-games Sam loves playing, Gone Fishing.

And here’s a wallpaper.