Celebrating your birthday on live video

What a great day! Thanks to everyone for your greetings. Will blog more about this day and post pics, but for now just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you. Special thanks to my wife Ellen and daughter Sam.

I’ll leave you with this excerpt from my CNET Asia blog post.

And since today also happens to be Day 3 of our company’s very first Christmas online show, LIVE! The Show: Merry LU! Christmas!, I’ll be celebrating this day not just with my wife Ellen and daughter Sam, and with my friends and colleagues, but also the members of the big LU! online community who will be tuning in to the live video stream and reading the live blog.

If you have time, do tune in and join in the fun, while also getting some insight into the big online gaming community in the Philippines. The video stream and live blog will start at around 10 am everyday until Friday, Dec. 19.

Frankly, I believe this kind of virtual celebration will be the norm for many of us in the near future, since our loved ones may be in other countries and a growing number of our friends may be people we’ve never even met in real life. Welcome to birthday celebrations in the digital age.

My new online home

I know, I haven’t been doing any personal blogging in a while, what with my Level Up! blog Play to Win, my CNET Asia blog Babelmachine, and all the cool stuff the Level Up! Multimedia team has been doing.

It would be too ironic, however, for someone who’s deeply into multimedia and the digital lifestyle not to have an online home of his own, so here you go, it’s the brand-spanking new JoeyAlarilla.com 🙂

As I said, we’ve been very busy here at Level Up! We just finished holding another groundbreaking project last week, the Reliving LIVE: The LIVE 2008 Experience online show, and you can read about it by going to my CNET Asia blog. Here’s an excerpt from that post:

I’m fond of saying that while content may be king, context is queen. You have to understand your online audience, and tailor your content and services to their taste. You have to give your community a stake in your service, particularly by showcasing the content they have generated. And you have to remember that if you have an existing online community, you have employees or members who have already become online celebrities.

For instance, in our case, we have community managers and brand managers whom players already look up to, because they’re gamers themselves, interact with the community on a daily basis, and have built trust over the years.

They have more online cred/gaming cred than a real-world celebrity whom you might invest in just to endorse your brand, but who knows nothing about your content and service, and who hasn’t built that kind of rapport with your audience. As the YouTube generation knows, the best online content doesn’t necessarily come from the giants in mainstream media, but from ordinary users and online celebrities.

I’ll soon be able to talk about another new project, so stay tuned.

By the way, a big shout out to Kiven for helping me with the domain and hosting.

Anyway, hope you’ll keep visiting JoeyAlarilla.com. Make yourself at home 🙂