Mikey Arroyo TV Patrol video clip: ‘Do you want your president to eat in a McDonald’s or some turo-turo?’

Last night, Filipinos on microblogging sites like Twitter and Plurk and social networking sites such as Facebook were spreading the word about Pampanga Representative Juan Miguel “Mikey” Arroyo’s remarks on TV Patrol World.

The solon was defending his mother, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, against widespread criticism over the expensive dinners at posh New York restaurants.

Unfortunately, sometimes when you open your mouth, you make things worse.

Now, we the Filipino people are being asked if we forgot that the President is not just an ordinary person and needs to keep her dignity. “Do you want your president to eat in a McDonald’s or some turo-turo?” Mikey Arroyo asked in last night’s TV Patrol World newscast.

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Missing Mega McSpicy

I really wish McDonald’s would start offering the Mega McSpicy here in the Philippines.

Was able to try it for the first time when my wife Ellen, daughter Sam and I went to Singapore to celebrate Christmas and Sam’s 7th birthday there. Had it twice at the Northpoint Shopping Centre (which earned the distinction of being the first major suburban shopping mall in Singapore when it opened in 1992), and I simply love it. In case you’re wondering what we were doing so far away from the usual haunts in Orchard, we stayed at the condo of my wife’s friend, which is near this area. Thanks again, Emily 🙂

My family and friends know how much I love spicy food, and the Mega McSpicy (double crispy chicken patties, lettuce and mayo) lives up to its name. I still added chili sauce to it, but I think most people would already find it spicy enough.

Here are two pics.

And here’s a photo of Sam, who of course got a Happy Meal.