Hulk Hogan wrestling at WrestleMania 25?

Hell no! Please tell me this rumor isn’t true. I’ve never liked Hulk Hogan, not during the height of Hulkamania and certainly not now.

In fact, the only time I found him tolerable was during his NWO days as a heel in WCW. I mean, I respect what he did to bring pro wrestling to mainstream attention, but I just never liked his character and his wrestling style. Sure, make an appearance at WrestleMania 25, but please don’t wrestle.

Here’s an excerpt from Kevin Eck’s Ring Posts wrestling blog for The Baltimore Sun.

I have no idea whether there is any truth to these rumors, although I suppose it’s possible that WWE would want to bring Hogan back for the 25th WrestleMania. Personally, I don’t want it to happen.

Hulkamania died for me last year when taped conversations between Hogan and his son Nick while the latter was serving time for felony reckless driving were made public. Hogan made insensitive comments about the young man who was critically injured and also talked about helping his son broker a deal for a reality show that would chronicle Nick trying to get his life in order after serving his sentence.

Even if I could get past all that, I still wouldn’t be all that excited to see the 55-year-old Hogan limp around the ring and go toe-to-toe with superstars who are in their prime.