Enjoy the Rohan Philippines CBT

Finally, months of anticipation will pay off for Philippine players, as the Rohan Philippines CBT will start tomorrow, Feb. 26.

Check out this article on the Level Up! Portal to find out all you need to know about the Rohan Philippines CBT.

And don’t forget, you could win a Nintendo DSi or a gaming laptop by joining the Rohan Philippines CBT.

Rumesbak na sa Rohan! Remember: Vengeance is always an option.

Using social media to promote your product launch

Here’s an excerpt from my latest CNET Asia blog post.

Pardon the shameless plug, but my goal is to share our own experience in using social networks and multimedia to generate buzz and deliver information on the highly anticipated massively multiplayer online role-playing game that our company is bringing to the Philippines this February, Rohan Online.

I think the important thing for companies to remember in this digital age is that apart from traditional channels such as mainstream media, the Web has empowered us with powerful and relatively inexpensive tools for directly reaching out to our audience and engaging them in a conversation. These tools, such as social networks, are not meant to replace but rather complement the role that traditional media plays in our overall communication strategy. In the face of the global economic slowdown, however, companies will have to become even more creative in taking advantage of the free tools that are available online instead of just relying on above-the-line promotion.

How about you, how are you using social media?

Video interview: YNK Interactive CEO on Rohan Philippines launch

I was able to interview YNK Interactive CEO Jun Lee during his recent visit to the Level Up! office.

Watch the video and check out the full article for more details and some pics.

Visit the Rohan Philippines site for more Rohan goodness, and keep checking out the official Level Up! YouTube channel for our latest videos.

Have a Merry LU! Christmas!

As a way of saying thanks for all the support our loyal community has given Level Up!, we’re launching our very first Christmas online show, LIVE! The Show: Merry LU! Christmas! on Dec. 15-19.

Time sure flies. We launched our very first Level Up! Live Blog on Oct. 4 during the Road to LIVE/Ragnarok Philippine Championships 2008 at the SM Mall of Asia.

Then, for the very first time, we had an official Live Blog and live video stream for Level Up! LIVE 2008, the country’s biggest online gaming event, which we held on Oct. 18 and 19 at the World Trade Center. LIVE 2008 drew a crowd of over 20, 000 at the WTC, while the live video stream was seen by 55, 000 viewers from 27 countries and the Live Blog was read by more than 12, 000 unique users.

It’s this kind of online success and overwhelming support of the LU! community that led us to launching another milestone — our very first online show, Reliving LIVE: The LIVE 2008 Experience. This time, we were creating an online project even in the absence of a major offline event, combining video footage from LIVE 2008 with live video segments in our studio, tying all this together with a Live Blog. Again, we were touched by the support of the community, who urged us to launch another online show this Christmas and in fact make online shows and video chat sessions with our GMs and other guests a regular offering.

We aim to please, and so here we are with LIVE! The Show: Merry LU! Christmas! This is our Christmas gift to the LU! community, so you can be sure we have a lot of fun segments, cool giveaways and exciting surprises in store for our viewers. So tell all your friends about it and make sure you watch our online show, which starts on Dec. 15 at 10 am, Philippine Standard Time.

In fact, you can use this e-mail reminder, so you won’t forget the date 🙂

Thanks again to the members of our Multimedia team — Online Platforms Manager Kevin Codamon, Producer Niel Caruncho, Editorial Assistant Mel Villanueva, and Video Specialist Gelo Obosa — for all the hard work, passion and creativity they’ve poured into our portal and our online shows.

We’ll have segments for our different games — Ragnarok, RF Online, FlyFF, FreeStyle, Perfect World, Crazy Kart, and Grand Chase — plus find out more about the two new games Level Up! is bringing to the Philippines, Rohan Online and Hello Kitty Online.

Even if you’ve yet to play one of our games, I’m sure you’ll find the show entertaining and it will give you an idea of how fun online gaming is and how much it has become part of the lives of many Filipinos, particularly among the youth.

So keep visiting the Merry LU! Christmas! page to find out the complete sked and confirmed guests.

Sama na kayo, and have yourself a Merry LU! Christmas! 🙂

Rohan Philippines teaser site is online

Check out the teaser site of the newest massively multiplayer online role-playing game Level Up! is bringing to the Philippines, Rohan Online.

Download Rohan wallpapers, subscribe to the official Rohan Philippines Plurk page, and follow the updates on the Rohan Philippines blog.

Remember, vengeance is always an option.