‘Slumdog Millionaire’ wins Oscar for Best Picture

Crank up the volume and dance to “Jai Ho”! “Slumdog” wins! “Slumdog” wins! “Slumdog” wins!

“Slumdog Millionaire” scored a slam dunk at the Oscars, winning Best Picture, Best Directing, Best Original Song (for “Jai Ho” which went up against another song from the movie, “O Saya”), Best Music (Score), Best Film Editing, Best Sound Mixing, Best Cinematography and Best Adapted Screenplay.

My wife Ellen and I absolutely loved this movie, so if you haven’t seen it yet, watch “Slumdog Millionaire.” Plus it has a great soundtrack!

“Slumdog” wins! “Slumdog” wins! “Slumdog” wins!

Am adding some “Slumdog Millionaire” clips from the YouTube channel of Fox Searchlight.

P.S. Guess Mickey Rourke can now wrestle at Wrestlemania 25 now that he lost to Sean Penn for the Best Actor award.